How to Earn Money from Blog

Earn MoneyThere is a time when a teenager started to want some money for themselves. And for workaholic people they would try to get a part time job. But for people that is well, lazy. They might need to think twice before going into a part time job. By the way I'm way much lazier than you guys :P. One of the easiest way for people like us is creating a blog. Creating a blog, not only it will increase your creativity, it will also give you some green paper in your wallet. And today I will prove it, that everyone can get money easily from blogging, not just the expert one. The only thing that you need to have is some patience. In this post I will tell you one of the most popular way for people to get money from their blog.

This is the list of them :
1. Google Adsense
2. Bidvertiser
3. Adfly

1. Google Adsense
No need to ask, one of the best way to obtain your money is through here, and it is google's which is really trusty people. 
+ Really high rate ( you get much more money for each click )
+ All the ads are safe
- You need credit card account ( not suitable for teenager )
- Easy to get banned ( I got banned 3 times already )

How to set up : Open blogger and then press Earnings you will need to set up something there, but after that you just need to go to Layout and add widget and then select google adsense.

2. Bidvertiser
From the title you might seems a little bit worried about this one, but really this is a trustworthy one, I have used this for about a year and I get my payments every month. 
+ High rate ( Not as high as google though )
- The ads will take up a lot of your internet connection
- Some of the ads in not safe

How to set up : Open bidvertiser website and then select sign up, after you complete it you can edit your ads template and then press "Get Code" so you can get the code to put it in your blog, copy all the code, go to layouts and then add widget, then select html and paste all the code.

3. Adfly
One of the simplest and easiest way for you to earn money, although many people despise it because some of the ads is not safe, adfly still become one of the primary way for blog that focuses on download like this one
+ Easy to set up
+ Can become url shortener too
- Low rate
- Some of the ads is not safe

How to set up : Open adfly website and then sign up, copy the link that you wanted to shrink and paste it ino the url bar. Copy the new url and share it to your friend.

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