How to Make Windows 8 Looks like Windows 7

Windows 8
Microsoft have launched a new version of windows, it's called Windows 8. While the thing itself have some major performance upgrade ( I played some games on Windows 7, and when I compared it to the one that I played on Windows 8, Windows 8 have slightly more FPS than Windows 7 ), it doesn't really fit with someone that does not use touch screen devices. Although it doesn't really matter to me, but for some people this things is what makes them step aside from Windows 8. But they also cannot afford to lose the performance they gain from it. So now I will give you some couple of things that can make your Windows 8 looks like Windows 7.

1. Swap the Start Screen for Start Menu

Everyone would had agreed the one things that really make Windows 8 uncomfortable is the new tile-based Start Screen. The tile-based start screen is good if you use touch based screen, because a touch will need a lot of space to make it work. It is a different thing if you use mouse, the mouse itself is already accurate, and by giving us a new big shiny icon, will not do anything good for us.
So what you need to do is :
1. Download and install Start8, you can download this application freely here.

2. Select Windows 7 Style and Shadow theme under the style tab.

3. Select the Desktop tab.

4. Check "Disable Windows 8 Hot Corner" This will prevent windows to pop up the start screen everytime you move your mouse to the edge of the screen.

5. Check "Automatically go to the desktop everytime I sign in" this will prevent you from going into the Start Screen everytime you sign in.

6. Make sure "Disable taskbar translucency" is unchecked

7. Select the Control tab.

8. Uncheck "Show the Windows 8 menu when I pressed the right windows key"

Finished, now you can enjoy your fresh new start menu in Windows 8. But wait a minute, even after you changed the start menu, it still doesn't look like a real Windows 7. We are missing something aren't we? Of course we do, we miss the Aero glass effect, one of the most important thing that you can have in Windows 7.

2. Make Your Glass Effect Came Back

1. Download this app called WinAero here
2. Double click it and the windows will change just right after you open it
3. If you want it to start everytime you start your computer, move the exe to C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup folder

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  1. Wow now my windows 8 looks like windows 7


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