10 Ways to Get Fast Money

10 Ways to Get Fast Money

1. Rent it out

There are many websites like Roomorama, AirBnB etc. make it easy to rent out your spare room in minutes. Some sites let you rent out your Idle computer, car, parking area or even lawn-mowing equipment. But, be sure to check with restrictions on your apartment or rental before you proceed to signing up.

2. Become a ride share driver
The taxi industry is growing right now with good demand. Services like Lyft, RelayRides, OLA and Sidecar let anyone with a driving licence and a clean record to earn money. You can make some reasonable money with your free time. There is no working hours, making this alternate for your strict working hours.

3. Sell your blood or plasma

This is one of the easiest ways of making money, provided you meet the requirements. There are a lot of for-profit blood centers out there that will pay upto $60 for your plasma or blood. You can check out Biolife Plasma Services to see if there are any plasma donation clinics near you. You can also sell your sperm (men), White blood cells, Eggs (Women) and even hair. But keep in mind that the Red Cross suggest you to wait 28 days between plasma donations and 56 days between blood donations. Ge prior advice from your doctor before donations.

4. Cut down your costs
There are many cash back wesites and reward malls to cut down your spendings. Go hunt for coupons on every online/offline purchases. You can save money and use it for other needs.

5. Be part of a focus group

focus group is a group formed with people where they are asked about their opinions, beliefs, services, perceptions, and attitudes about a product. Websites like Focusgroup.com provides you upto $50 to $300 an hour for your opinion. But be careful not to lie during the process of application, this will affect their productivity.

6. Sell to stock photo websites

Websites like Shutterstock  and iStockphoto and will buy images from everyone. You can upload an original and good looking image and fix a reasonable price for your images. If anyone likes to buy that image, you will get the money. This is one of the good source of money making without any investment or hardwork
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7. Take paid surveys

Websites like Harris Polls and SurveySavvy will pay money for the surveys that you answered. While this can be an easy and powerful way to make money online, you will have to be careful about online scams. 

Websites like SurveyPolice can help you to find out that the sites are legit or not.

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8. Sell your junk

Most of us have a bunch of used goods that are no longer need or want. You can sell that goods online to make it money. Sites like ebay,Craiglist, Olx, etc. can get those goods and reselling it to another person. Some services will buy your old ink cartridges,cars, Mobile Phones, Printers, Furnitures, PCs, etc. You can google it to see more stuffs to sell.

9. Freelance

There are many Freelance sites available online to turn your skills into money. Websites like TaskRabbit, elance, Fiverr, freelancer let you sell your skills. You can find the right project there and bid for project. This will provide you more money once your bid is approved by a client.
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10. Participate in clinical trials
Like donating plasma and blood, another medical fast-cash route is signing up for research testing. Many universities and research institutions need participants for anything from a sleep study to trying out a new drug. Compensation can be under a hundred bucks or up to thousands of dollars.

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